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The Energy Problem

Energy is used in different forms including power, water and gas. Each of these forms of energy are consumed through various appliances and gadgets. Convenience and cost are the two primary concerns of every business and household user. Convenience implies the availability of energy when it is required while cost is what consumers have to pay for the usage of this energy.

Consumers generally feel helpless as power prices continue to rise as does the energy utilization per person in the country. Both business and household users tend to struggle to keep their electricity bills under control as they have very limited visibility with regards to their own usage patterns as well as the options available to them for reducing their energy requirements and to supplement their usage from the public utility with solar or wind power.

Typical power usage in households and most commercial businesses will usually consist of appliance like lights, fans, Air-conditioning/heating, kitchen appliances, water motors and TV. Gas geysers are the silent energy burners as they are almost always switched on, availability of clean water is becoming increasingly unreliable while drinking water quite often will have questionable quality. Identifying and sourcing products that can significantly reduce wastage and therefore help bring costs down has always been a problem for the end consumer.

Suppliers of various products exist across the country providing a wide range of products and solutions but the lack of reliable information and the absence of product warranties and the supply of cheap low quality imports have hindered the uptake and growth of this sector.

The Solution - Davaam Marketplace

Davaam Marketplace serves as an integrated energy marketplace with a focus on clean energy and energy efficiency. We believe that energy solutions requires a holistic approach and one that is customized for each situation. Clean Energy, such as rooftop solar, and Energy Efficiency are the smartest investment that people can make. However lack of information and options deter people from adopting such measures. By providing a one-stop shop and giving access to energy experts, we believe that we can help consumers in increasing energy security, reliability and reducing energy costs.

Solar energy is now the cheapest form of energy world over, specifically Pakistan. Furthermore, net metering policy allows consumers to sell electricity back to the grid. There are multiple brands, types of equipment and suppliers out there which makes it confusing. However this marketplace gives an easy comparison of all products while our solar experts can guide in decision making.

Technological improvements have meant that the same amount of work can be done by using less power. LED lights, energy saver fans, inverter ACs, DC water pumps and efficient air conditioners all take less power and give you the same output. Combining clean energy and energy efficiency multiplies your returns.

Environmentally friendly products

While clean energy and energy efficiency are smart investments and save money, they also vital in saving our environment. Given our strong desire to promote such products, Davaam Marketplace delivers Eco-Friendly products that use organic products, reduce wastage and save the environment.


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