• The Red Code - Day Pad
  • The Red Code - Day Pad
  • The Red Code - Day Pad

The Red Code - Day Pad

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The Red Code - Day Pad

Reusable, leak proofed, menstrual cloth pad. Suited for normal to heavier flow. The cloth pad has a water-proofed backing layer of twill, 6 layers of absorbent cotton in between and a top layer of cotton flannel.

  • Each day pad is stitched in one piece
  • Top Layer: Cotton Flannel - ‘Plum’ in colour (to be in contact with your skin).

  • Inner Layers: Unbleached Cotton Fabric (6 layers) 

  • Back Layer: Cotton Twill fabric - ‘Pale Pink’ in  colour. The back layer has a PUL layer, a lamination of the fabric to make it leak proof and give it a smoother finish (not in contact with your skin, to be placed on the underwear). 

  • Wings to be secured with a metal snap fasteners button

Product life: The durability and life of the cloth pads depends upon how frequently it is washed and how well it is cared for. Ideally it will approximately last a minimum of 6-8 months.The product comes with a care manual. For a longer product life, we recommend that customers alternate between 4-5 pads per cycle. Product Dimensions

10'' in length
3.5'' in width (excluding wings)
6.5'' in width (including wings)

General Data
Body material

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