Solar Home Systems

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Solar AC Series SPK-7

Portable AC Suitable for small roomsolar panels for complete day time useBack up packages available for 24 hours15 feet solar lead avai..

Rs. 75,000

Solar Home Kit SPK-5

2 DC stand Fans (16”) with Lights4 External LED Lights1-3 hours’ battery backup (for night consumption)Cell phone charging socket1 Solar..

Rs. 40,000

Solar Home Kit SPK-6Solar Home Kit SPK-6

·         2 DC Fans with Light·         4 LED Lights·&nb..

Rs. 75,000

Solar Stand Fan Series SPK-3

·         1 DC stand Fan (16”) with Light (Solar + Electric charging)·    &nbs..

Rs. 17,000

Solar Stand Fan Series SPK-4

·         1 DC stand Fan (16”) with Light (Solar + Electric charging)·        ..

Rs. 24,000

Solar Table Fan Series SPK-2

·         1 DC Table Fan with Light (Solar + Electric charging)·     &nbs..

Rs. 10,000