Return Policy

Return & Refund Policy:

Davaam is currently not accepting returns based on “No Longer Needed”. Davaam representatives will try and verify/confirm each transaction before finalizing shipment. You may cancel your order any time before the item is dispatched to you. An e-mail confirmation will be sent when the item is dispatched.

Products can be returned on the following basis:

  • Damaged Shipments. While we fully assure the safety of the products during shipment, we will replace your product or refund your amount in case of damages during shipment. We would encourage that the package is checked upon delivery and the DVM team is notified immediately (within 24 hours of product delivery) with pictorial proofs. We will contact you soon and will make necessary arrangements for the return.
  • Defective Products. For Defective products the warranty can be claimed as per the warranty policy for that particular brand and product. For this purpose a warranty claim card and contact details of the Seller will be provided to you. In case any seller is not complying with the policy and if you feel any difficulty, you can lodge a complaint at or call our helpline so that we can try and facilitate you through the process.

In case of returns, all return must include:

  1. Original packaging
  2. All accessories and materials
  3. Customer receipt


  • In case of shipment damages to product and if the product cannot be replaced, the full amount along with shipping charges shall be refunded.
  • In cases of prepayment and product being out of stock or not available anymore, the full amount shall be refunded.
  • In cases of product being returned to the Seller and if the Seller confirms of the return, the amount will be refunded.  

All refunds will be done within 7 working days of confirmation of such refund.