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Acacia Honey comes from the flowers of the Acacia tree.


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Acacia Honey comes from the flowers of the Acacia tree. The tree is commonly found in parts of northern Pakistan, Afghanistan and India.

The Acacia tree is grown in the wild and the honey obtained from the bees around the tree is 100% organic. The Honey produced by the bees is light in both color and texture.

It is sweet, mild and versatile in its use in baking, cooking and as a natural sweetener.

Acacia honey barely crystalizes due to its high fructose content.

Treats wounds, cuts and burns and assist healing- Research has shown that honey can easily treat diabetic foot ulcers, cuts and wounds due to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.
Good for skin- Honey not only lightens and moisturizes the skin but its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties help reduce scars and aid in healing and tissue regeneration.
Balances blood sugar level- Due to its low glycemic index ranking it may help in balancing blood sugar levels.
Rich in antioxidants- Compounds such as flavonoids and phenolics present in Acacia honey serve as antioxidants and protect the body cells from damage.
Heart Health- Phenols and other antioxidant compounds present in honey can help in reducing the risk of heart disease and helping in prevention of blood clots.
Help lower blood pressure- Studies have shown that honey contains anti-oxidants that help play a role in stabilizing blood pressure.
Honey helps improve cholesterol- Several studies indicate that honey can improve cholesterol levels, by reducing the LDL cholesterol and raising the HDL / the good cholesterol.
Natural sweetener- Although it is still high in calories, honey is a much natural and beneficial form of sugar than processed white sugar.

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