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Organic BeeSoy Wax Cinnamon Buns Scented Candles. Smells like freshly baked cinnamon buns, drizzled with vanilla icing with a hint…
Organic BeeSoy Wax French Lavender Scented Candles. A pleasant relaxing floral scent. Lavender helps promote calmness and aids in sleep.
Candle Works Co
Organic BeeSoy Wax Motia Scented Candles. Fresh floral notes.
Organic BeeSoy Wax Mulberry Scented Candles. Smells like sweet berries, wild cherries and crushed orange peel with a hint of…
Organic BeeSoy Wax Southwest Citrus Scented Candles. With fresh summery notes of orange peel and citron and Mandarin
Organic BeeSoy Wax Toasted Vanilla Scented Candles. Smells like roasted vanilla beans. Creates subtle sweetness and smoky nuance.
Honeysuckle-scented candle
Japanese Cherry Blossom-scented candle
Lavender lemonade-scented candle
Lily of the Valley-scented candle
Oudh and birchwood-scented candle