Oral Hygiene

Eco (soft) - Bamboo Toothbrush

Biodegradable, aesthetic bamboo toothbrush..

Rs. 200

Miswak Holder

A ‘pen shaped’ container to store your Miswak. It prolongs the freshness of a miswak and keeps it safe from dust and pollution.The Miswak, a..

Rs. 40

Miswak Toothpaste

Our minty flavored Miswak Toothpaste  is a Fluoride free natural  formula made out of Arak twig ,that not only controls bad breath..

Rs. 559

Miswak Toothpaste

With over 20 years of experience in the oral care industry, AL Khair now launches its Miswak Toothpaste, with real Miswak (Salvadore Persica..

Rs. 90

Organic Olive Miswak

Raw and Unprocessed Miswak extracted from Olive/Zaitoon tree. Originating from the boarders of Pakistan and Afghanistan.The Miswak, also kno..

Rs. 35

Peelu Miswak

Miswak extracted from Salvadora persica tree (known as arāk, in Arabic, Peelu in urdu).The Miswak, also known as sewak, is nature’s own toot..

Rs. 20

Tooth Powder (Clove & Cinnamon)Tooth Powder (Clove & Cinnamon)

MR tooth powder combines 8 natural, active ingredients to help clean, remineralize, desensitize, polish and brighten your teeth. Sourced fro..

Rs. 700