Sustainability is an oft used word in various connotations. In the broadest terms it means the continuation of the natural ecological balance. With population increase, consumerism and our lifestyle habits, we have disrupted this natural balance leading to depletion of resources. This encompasses all aspects of our environment – the availability (or lack of) fresh water, clean air and fertile lands.

The world has mostly relied on fossil fuels (oil, coal, gas) to capture energy while technological advancements in the oil dependent transport sector meant carbon emissions are at unprecedented levels. Pakistan is the 5th most vulnerable country to climate change and we have already seen unimaginable levels of climate related disasters. However there is hope if we all come together in changing our lifestyle to incorporate considerations for the environment. The way we use energy, consume food, dress, travel & commute impacts the environment around us. The decisions we collectively make today will impact the lives of future generations. For us, that is a sustainable lifestyle.

At Davaam Life we want to provide people options, in one place, to enable them to incorporate sustainability in various spheres of their life. Here are few key messages we want to give:

1. Stop Wastage: We waste food, we waste electricity and we waste resources by unnecessarily consuming things we don’t need (like plastic bags every time we shop!). More than that, most of us have really old appliances that waste a lot of energy. Replacing these appliances with new and more efficient appliances would mean same work is done by using less energy.

2. Reuse & Recycle: This is linked to the first point but involves a conscious decision to use resources we already have and moving away from single use products. Reuse things that you can like bags, jars, bottles etc.

3. Compostable & Biodegradable: When & if you have to throw away anything, make sure that it can go back to Mother Nature. If products cannot biodegrade and become compost, then it will cause the natural imbalance to remain. Plastic does not degrade for over 450years!

4. Organic Food: Mass production requires synthetic food production and/or use of chemical fertilizers. Our bodies are getting weaker and deficient in vitamins. Try to take in as much organic food as possible.

5. Renewables: Generate your own electricity – there are solar lamps, solar lights, solar motors and entire houses running on solar energy. Other renewables include wind-turbines and hydro (though these are at a larger scale rather than micro level)

Davaam Life provides a one-stop-experience to provide sustainable options for our various lifestyle choices. It is up to us to change our habits and adopt sustainable technologies for a better future for all of us.

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