Our range of virgin, unrefined cold-pressed oils and CBD oil products.

 Kalonji Massage Oil

Black Seed Massage Oil contains natural extracts of herbs & essential oils that have the ability to penetrate deep into the affected are..

Rs. 300

Almond Oil - Virgin, Cold Pressed, Unrefined

Our Sweet Almond Oil is 100% natural, virgin, unrefined and cold pressed which ensures that all the natural flavor, aroma and nutritional va..

Rs. 350

Apricot Kernel Oil (100 ml)

DescriptionFrom the best mountains up north, to you A journey of a thousand miles is not just a quote anymore! That's why it's limited ..

Rs. 1,200

Coconut Oil - Virgin, Unrefined, Cold Pressed

Virgin, cold, pressed, unrefined coconut oil. Extracted with extreme care without any additives. Coconut oil contains healthy fatty aci..

Rs. 250

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (300 gm)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is among the most popular & researched oils in the world. It has all the vital nutrients for health that make it ..

Rs. 1,050

Kalonji Oil (100 ML)

Our oils have no additives and are virgin, unrefined & 100% natural. Kalonji Oil  is a rich source of essential fatty acids, c..

Rs. 650

Mustard Oil Cold Pressed (100ml)

BenefitsReduces the cancer. Has cardiovascular benefits. Is a natural stimulant Stimulates sensation in the cough, Eases joint pain and arth..

Rs. 450

Plus CBD Oil - Hemp Balm

Our thick soothing CBD balm is made from the finest hemp extract and a rich array of plants. This botanical superstar revitalizes your skin,..

Rs. 9,000

Plus CBD Oil - Hemp Drops (30 ml)Plus CBD Oil - Hemp Drops (30 ml)

The ingredients make our pure CBD oil drops superior. We start with our Total Plant Complex full spectrum extract made from true agricultura..

Rs. 10,000

Plus CBD Oil - Hemp Softgels

CBD Total Plant Softgels are one of the easiest and most convenient ways to take your daily CBD. For people who for those who want a fast-ac..

Rs. 13,000