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    DIY HEPA Filter

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    DIY HEPA Filter

    H12 HEPA filter – filters out 99.9% of all particles

    HEPA filters (or High efficiency particulate air) are filters that capture at least 95% of particles. The ones we use capture 99.9% of particles, including the really tiny ones

    How often should I change the HEPA filter?

    We recommend replacing your filter after 140 days of use at 8 hours a day at the latest. That’s maximum 1000 hours in total. We ship replacement HEPAs starting at 75RMB from our store.

    Why 140 days? Smart Air co-founder Gus tested a single HEPA on his Original DIY for 200 days to see how long it would last in real Beijing air. After 100 days of use at 8 hours a day, effectiveness dropped 4%. After 200 days of testing, Gus’s dirty filter was only removing half the particles in the room.

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