No foul odours!

Compost does not have odour, it is free of pathogens, insects and pest whereas manure has a foul smell because of methane gas

Reduced greenhouse gases

Compost reduces greenhouse emissions whereas cow manure produces methane and other harmful gasses like NO2, SO2, CO2 because of chemical content 

Reduces pests and insects

Compost acts as an insecticide and pesticide naturally whereby reducing harmful insects and pests in soil. However, manure helps breed insects and pests which degrade plants and soil. 

No harmful materials 

Cow manure is often found with chunks of glass, nails etc but Davaam’s compost is free of such harmful materials.

Keeps out weeds

Cow manure enables the growth of weeds but not only does compost keep the weeds out, it also moisturizes the soil, increasing its life and fortifying it with nutrients. It also increasing water retention in the soil!

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