In many parts of the world, even today, drinking tap water is not considered safe. As an alternative, we have all resorted to drinking from plastic bottles. We have been told time and time again that we should avoid drinking from bottled water but have you ever stopped to consider why? We’ve rounded up five of the major reasons to stop using and drinking from single-use plastic bottles. 

Bottled water isn’t necessarily cleaner or safer
Many global studies have been conducted which have determined that there is no assurance that drinking water is any cleaner or safer. Bottled water companies use words like “drinking water” and “purified” which gives us the impression that their bottled water is safe for consumption. Many popular brands however have been guilty of using tap water and selling it under the guise of good packaging and technical terms. 

250 million tonnes of garbage in Pakistan primarily consists of plastic bags, PET bottles and food scraps

Plastic bottles and containers are known to be filling landfills, the world over. In Pakistan, 250 million tonnes of garbage primarily consists of plastic bags, pet bottles and food scraps. While plastic bottles are recyclable, very seldom do they ever make it to a recycling bin, meaning that they are just contaminating the environment and our planet. 

Plastic bottles take approx 450 years to degrade
That’s right! One bottle alone takes 450 years to degrade. Now think of all the plastic waste that we get rid of on a daily basis. Since these bottles won’t decompose in our lifetime, they are essentially just creating environmental waste and harming the planet.

65% of waste that ends up on Pakistan’s coastlines includes water bottles, caps, plastic bags and packaging
If you’ve ever taken a walk along the beach, you would have made note of all the waste that lines our shores. A staggering 65% of this waste is made up of water bottles, plastic cups, bags and other packaging. Now that’s a whole load of plastic.

Plastic bottles use up a lot of energy and water
Producing plastic takes up a lot of energy and water. Taking into consideration the energy that is needed to produce, transport and then dispose of these bottles, we’re looking at a huge amount of oil which would be enough to fuel thousands of cars. Producing bottled water, from beginning to end takes about 2,000 times the energy needed for producing safe tap water. 

These are just a few reasons why single use plastic bottles are unsustainable. We must change our consumption habits and move towards eco-friendly and reusable options for a better, more sustainable future!

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